We offer a variety of ways to pay your land tax.

Please register for BPAY View to receive and pay your assessments online.


Gather your assessment notice

Please have your assessment notice handy, as it contains important information needed to facilitate payment.


Submit your payment

Credit card

When paying by credit card:

  • A card payment fee of 0.33 per cent applies to all credit card transactions,
  • You need a current Visa, or Mastercard,
  • Your SRO customer number and liability reference number (which appear on your assessment), and
  • There is a limit of $50,000 per transaction

Please refer to the example of where on the assessment to find your customer number and reference number.

Pay by credit card

Card details from assessment


​Pay directly from your cheque or savings account using your financial institution's internet or telephone service.

When paying by BPAY:

  • Have the SRO biller code and reference number (which appear on your assessment)

For further information about using BPAY, please contact your financial institution.

Please refer to the example of where on the assessment to find the biller code and reference number.

BPAY details from assessment

Westpac Bank

In order to effect a deposit over the counter at a Westpac* branch, you must provide the teller with the following information:

  • BSB: 033 222
  • Account number: 170110 (SRO Land Tax Revenue Account)
  • Assessment number: First seven (7) digits only

​Please refer to the example of where on the assessment to find the assessment number.

​For your reference, please take your assessment with you when you visit a Westpac branch.

* Payment can be made at any bank, although other banks may charge a fee.

Shot of assessment number from the assessment

Next steps

If you are seeking an arrangement for less than six months to pay an overdue assessment by instalments, please phone 13 21 61. For arrangements longer than six months, please: