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An overview of how to complete a payroll tax annual reconciliation.


The payroll tax annual reconciliation is completed in Payroll Tax Express. Log on to Payroll Tax Express with your username and password, or AUSkey.  

Start the process by selecting "Lodge Annual Reconciliation". Then select "Begin". 

Step one allows you to view your details. Take some time to make sure they are correct.

Check that your reconciliation period is correct.  

You will need to change the reconciliation period if:

  • You commenced employing after the first of July 2016,
  • You ceased employing part way through the financial year, or
  • Your employer type has changed, for example you became part of a payroll tax group

You need to declare any interstate wages you paid. If you paid wages in a state or territory other than Victoria, select the "Yes" radio button and enter the interstate reconciliation period.

Use the “Contact Information” section to enter the lodger's contact information.

If you have made changes to the review details screen, provide an explanation in the “Additional Information” box.

At any stage, you can save the information you have entered by selecting “Save and Exit”, allowing you to complete the return later.

To continue, select “Next”. 

In step two, enter the wages for the reconciliation period.

To review your monthly return data, select the “View History” link.

This shows you the total Victorian wages declared in each of your monthly returns

Enter the wages paid during the reconciliation period in the boxes provided.

If you need clarification on what to declare, expand the help file by hovering over the question mark icon. 

Enter your total interstate wages in the box provided.

You also need to enter a wage estimate for the 2017-2018 financial year, for your Victorian and interstate wages.

If you have interstate wages, select the other states or territories in which you employ.

Select “Next”. 

In step three, you need to reconcile each payroll tax payment shown with your records. If you find a discrepancy, edit this field to reflect the correct total paid, and provide details in the “Payment Discrepancies or Comments” box, including the payment amount and the date you paid it.

If you are an ordinary member of a group, you can provide authorisation here to provide your wage details to your designated group employer. Also known as the "DGE".

Select “Next”.

Step four is where you review the payroll tax liability calculation. If you are an ordinary member of a group, you will be able to nominate the payer of your payroll tax liability.

Select “Next”.

In step five, you will lodge the annual reconciliation.

Prior to lodgement, you can download and print a copy for your records.

To finalise the annual reconciliation, you must lodge the return. The annual reconciliation must be lodged and any further tax liability paid by the due date of 21 July 2017.

The State Revenue Office will not receive your return until you select “Lodge”.

If you have an outstanding liability, you will arrange payment in step six.

If you have registered your online payment details, you can use the "Pay Online" option to have the outstanding liability debited from your nominated account.

Other payment options include EFT, BPAY or credit card.

Follow the instructions on the payment page for your preferred payment method and ensure the relevant reference is included to ensure correct allocation. 

Select “Finish”.

Within the annual reconciliation screen, accessed on the left-hand menu, you can view the status of your return, edit the return and view a PDF summary.