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Document last modified: 03 Oct 2017

Important change from 1 July 2017

From 1 July 2017, this form has been replaced by the digital duties form, except for the purposes of a refund.

image_descriptionComplete a digital duties form

General information

If your transaction was exempt but you did not claim the exemption from duty on eligible primary production goods, water rights and disaggregation of primary production land at the relevant time, you may be entitled to  a duty refund. You should use Duties Form 12 to claim that refund.

If you used our digital duties form for the purposes of that transaction, you do not need to lodge any of the supporting documents outlined in Duties Form 12.

If you did not use our digital duties form, you should lodge the supporting documents requested, except for Duties Form 2. 

Note: This form must be lodged electronically with the SRO. Paper-based submissions will be returned.