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Published on 15 January 2018

All registered car park owners and operators within the inner Melbourne congestion levy areas should have received their pre-populated annual return from us in November.
If you did not receive an annual return, please contact us now. If you haven’t yet registered as a car park owner or operator, find out more and register now.

Completing your return

Complete your annual return to declare the number of parking spaces you own or operate and to claim any exemptions or concessions. It is also important to check your annual return to ensure all the pre-populated fields are still accurate. There is a section on the form where amendments can be made if anything needs correcting.

Even if your car park situation has not changed since your last return, you still need to confirm the total spaces that existed as leviable parking spaces in the 2017 calendar year. More information and levy calculators are available to help you complete your annual return.

If you have changed your details or are claiming a new exemption or concession, you also need to attach all relevant and completed forms to your annual return.

You can email or post your completed annual return to us, along with all supporting documents.

Levy assessments

We will be mailing you your levy assessment in mid-March and you can pay in full or in four equal instalments.