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Published on 17 January 2018

Two common questions we get about filling in digital duties forms are:

  • who starts the form, and
  • who can claim the form?

Who starts the form?

The transferor or their representative must start the form because they are responsible for completing all the contract-related information, which then pre-populates the transferee section of the form. This also eliminates the potential for duplication of a form.

How do you claim and link the form to a duties transaction?

Once the form has been signed by all parties, you can claim the form in Duties Online (DOL) or via public lodgements.

To claim the form to start your duties transaction in DOL, in the ‘Create’ tab select ‘Retrieve and Claim Settlement Statement’ and enter the form ID to start your transaction.

The form ID is displayed in your DOL workspace or for settlement agents on the settlement statement. Information from the form pre-populates into the duties transaction. The form cannot be edited after it has been claimed.

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