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Published on 18 April 2019

Our Customer Education team has scheduled a number of helpful webinars throughout May on a range of topics including the key elements of payroll tax, how to use Digital Duties Form, and for first home buyers, a webinar covering what you need to know.

Our popular webinars are free and you can join them from work or home.

In May, you can choose webinars from the following subjects:

Payroll Tax

  • Introduction, wages and exemptions — in this webinar, we explain payroll tax, thresholds and rates, explore what wages are, discuss exempt payments and exempt employers, and look at interstate (and overseas) workers.
  • Engaging contractors — in this webinar, we discuss why the contractor provisions exist, the differences between employees and contractors, when payments to contractors are exempt and when they are taxable.
  • Grouping provision — in this webinar, you will learn about the payroll tax grouping provisions, how a group is formed and the Commissioner of State Revenue’s discretion to de-group.

Electronic conveyancing

  • Digital Duties Form — in this webinar, we take you through creating a Digital Duties Form within Duties Online, completing the form for the transferor's representative and for the transferee's representative, online signing and how to make changes to the form.

First home buyers

  • What you need to know — in this webinar, we explain the First Home Owner Grant and the exemptions and concessions that may be available to you when you are looking at buying your first home.

View all the dates and times of our webinars and register online — during webinars our presenters are also happy to answer your questions.

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