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Published on 03 December 2019

If you are new to payroll tax or would like a refresher on what is involved in getting it right, register for our free webinars in December.

We have three webinars scheduled covering different topics:

  1. Wednesday 4 December at 2pm - An introduction to payroll tax, wages and exemptions.
  2. Wednesday 11 December at 2pm - Engaging contractors.
  3. Wednesday 18 December at 2pm - Grouping provisions.

Our introduction to payroll tax provides a broad overview on payroll tax, including rates and thresholds, taxable wages, treatment of fringe benefits, interstate and overseas employment, exempt payments, declaring payments to contractors and payroll tax grouping provisions.

The webinar on engaging contractors covers the differences between employees and contractors, when payments to contractors are exempt and when they are payroll taxable, and our final webinar provides information on grouping provisions, including how a group is formed and the Commissioner's discretion to de-group.

Register for one or all three webinars.

Participants can type questions to our presenter, which will be answered within the next five business days. All attendees will receive a copy of the questions and answers after the webinar.

Last modified: 5 December 2019
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