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Published on 31 July 2018

In early 2017, Victoria’s land registry, Land Use Victoria, announced its phased timetable for transitioning to digital only lodgement by 1 August 2019, with very limited exceptions.

The first phase, from 1 March this year, involved all stand-alone transactions being lodged electronically via PEXA, unless an exemption applies. The remaining phases are:

From 1 October 2018

All instruments or combinations of instruments available in PEXA are to be lodged electronically. This applies to conveyancers and lawyers acting for a party or for themselves, as well as PEXA subscribers. Examples include a case comprising withdrawal of a caveat, discharge of mortgage, and transfer and mortgage.

This means:

  • Duties Online transaction types listed on our website must be processed electronically using an electronic lodgement network operator (PEXA is the only one currently available).
  • All remaining complex transactions, which cannot be completed in Duties Online and PEXA, still need to be lodged electronically with the State Revenue Office for a duty determination before registration. We are planning functionality to enable the electronic completion of complex transactions and will keep you updated with our progress.

In all cases, practitioners need to be registered for Duties Online and PEXA. Find out how to register or update your details in Duties Online.

The Land Use Victoria lodgement changes do not change any existing State Revenue Office submission requirements. While individual forms still need to be submitted for each property transfer, our digital duties form does allow bulk cloning for the vendor's representative, which is particularly useful for large property developments. An existing form can be cloned up to 100 times instantly, and then provided for vendor and purchaser signing.

From 1 August 2019

All instruments are to be lodged electronically. This applies to conveyancers and lawyers acting for a party or themselves and PEXA subscribers.

More information about Land Use Victoria’s electronic lodgement dates and requirements

Last modified: 22 December 2020
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