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Published on 29 March 2019

Applications for duty refunds must now be made online via our all-in-one Duties Refund SmartForm. Paper submissions sent to the State Revenue Office will not be accepted.

To request a refund, complete, print and sign your application, then scan it and lodge it online, along with documents that prove the applicant’s eligibility. 

  • Organisations must lodge applications, along with any attachments, via Duties Online.
  • Individuals must lodge applications, along with any attachments, via our public lodgement system.

Exemptions, concessions and reductions should be claimed during the property transfer process. The refund process is only for people who overpaid duty or were unaware of an exemption, concession or reduction at the time of transfer.

To avoid claiming a refund, apply for the exemptions, concessions or reductions via the Digital Duties Form at the time of purchase so you pay the correct amount of stamp duty.

Last modified: 1 April 2019
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