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Published on 21 September 2017

A suite of enhancements for the digital duties form will go live on Monday 25 September 2017.

The new changes incorporate planned updates plus the valuable feedback we have received from you about enhancing the system.

A scheduled 15 updates has been deployed and will include:

  1. Bulk cloning - clone an existing form up to 100 times instantly, a feature especially useful for large property developments. 
  2. Additional search functionality - expanded search function lets you search by form status, land identifier, client name, transfer date, settlement date and last modified date.
  3. Change to the form flow - you can select either transfer of land, change of beneficial ownership, or transfer of land use entitlements.
  4. Additional form status of duty finalised - you will know when the transaction linked to your form has been assessed.
  5. Invitation flow enhancement - accept the invitation to complete a form, log in and be taken straight to that form.
  6. Improved visibility of who is assessing the duty - you can see which organisation has claimed your form for assessing. 
  7. Power of attorney clarification - improvements to wording and additional signatory options when signing as power of attorney for companies or organisations/associations.
  8. Additional notification - representatives will receive an email notification after all parties have signed.
  9. Additional help text. 
  10. Contact number will be a mandatory field.
  11. Current address and address for future correspondence capture for all transferors and transferees.
  12. Capture of trust type where a party is acquiring or relinquishing an interest in the property as trustee of a trust.
  13. Display all property titles for primary production land concession.
  14. Display the contract price on the off-the-plan page for the fixed method.
  15. Updated labels for foreign organisation and association.

Our digital duties form reference guide will help you understand the new changes as they go live. We have also produced two videos:

For all queries about the form, please refer to our frequently asked questions.

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