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Published on 28 June 2015

We’ve revamped our website with a new design, better search functions and refreshed content.

While we switch over to our new site, you may experience some minor teething problems during the early stages of operation, so we apologise for any inconvenience.

Please note our homepage address hasn’t changed (, but you may need to reset some of your previously bookmarked SRO pages.

Our new site has been created to help you easily access the information you need. Whether you’re using your phone, tablet or PC, our new website provides:

  • An easier and improved search facility to help you find what you’re looking for,
  • Simplified content written in “plain language” that is significantly easier to understand,
  • Handy “tasks” to help you comply with your tax obligations or access benefits,
  • Different entry points to the website tailored for individuals, businesses and practitioners, and
  • Improved accessibility for vision-impaired users
Last modified: 17 July 2015
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