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We employ hundreds of people who specialise and excel in a range of disciplines and fields. Job opportunities exist across both our Melbourne and Ballarat offices, such as:

  • Conducting desk and field-based compliance investigations,
  • Providing quality face-to-face/telephone customer service,
  • Developing policy initiatives based on government proposals,
  • Providing legal instruction for counsel in complex litigation and prosecutions,
  • Developing information technology solutions in a world-class environment,
  • Successfully leading our staff and business processes in a management position, and
  • Providing a proficient service to support our quality certified and fast-paced business in a finance, human resources or administration role

What might your role involve?

Review/technical officers interpret and apply legislation in a complex legal and commercial environment, while also providing expert advice on the application of state taxation legislation to taxpayers and their representatives.

Investigators conduct individual or team investigations using audit and investigation skills to maximise compliance with Victorian revenue law. These staff members also liaise with customers, produce accurate reports on findings, and contribute to strategic compliance programs.

Candidates with great people skills should consider becoming a customer service officer with us. This role supports the administration of revenue lines, the ability to apply policies and procedures when making routine decisions, and demonstrated ability to use corporate databases.

At our organisation, Solicitors provide quality technical tax-related advice, draft contracts, prepare cases for, and appear in, hearings and trials at courts or tribunals as required, and provide expert legal advice on a broad range of policy and legal issues relating to Acts we administer.

Policy Officers contribute to the development of taxation policy, proposals and amendments, provide high-level advice for internal and external stakeholders, prepare ministerial briefs and other submissions, and assist with mentoring of junior staff to formulate policy advice.

Revenue specialists provide accurate technical advice for private rulings, interpret and apply legislation to provide advice to taxpayers, and participate in inter-branch consultation regarding the application of legislation, tax policy, draft legislation, and the conduct of litigation.

Leadership and professional development are key responsibilities for. They represent us in dealings with senior executives of public and private sector organisations, set priorities for their teams, and manage performance, including mentoring and counselling. Also, our IT professionals work in an award-winning team.

John, revenue specialist

"Innovative and progressive"

I like the SRO's balance of ensuring accountability while reducing unnecessary paperwork. I have the freedom to produce quality work without the hassle of conducting a minute-by-minute breakdown of my day for billing purposes. This allows me the flexibility I need to focus on key result areas. The SRO is not your typical government department... it's modern, innovative and progressive.

Denise, senior review officer

"Commitment to staff development is excellent"

"The SRO really emphasises the importance of their induction and staff development programs to ensure we are qualified to give accurate tax advice. Since my first day, I have received many training opportunities such as corporate induction, legal and leadership programs. I'm privileged to work for an organisation that supports me. It's been a great place to launch my career and I've already achieved my first promotion."

Jason, investigator

"Diversity and support"

I had to take about 15 months off work to come to terms with my worsening visibility. It hasn't been easy, but the SRO has been very supportive. I returned to work with flexible work hours, counselling and financial assistance. As thanks, I nominated them for a Vision Australia Making a Difference Award, which we won.

James, senior Oracle DBA

"The SRO is committed to leading-edge technologies"

The SRO in-sourced its IT branch in May 2003, and the organisation really understands the critical role of information technology and is committed to continuous improvement. It has invested heavily in IT, its e-business functional and is committed to introducing leading-edge technologies. It's great to work in such an IT-focused organisation.

Kate, customer service officer

"Working in a great team"

In my role I get to solve problems and suggest ideas to help my team work more productively for our customers. I'm encouraged to self-manage my workload while striving to meet key performance indicators in a bustling, challenging environment. Our aim is to be an efficient, effective and competent source of accurate information for Victorians.

Paula, manager

"I enjoy career development without missing out on my family life."

Since undertaking a management role at the SRO in 2005, I've worked in several branches and been seconded to another Victorian Government department to further develop my leadership skills and experiences. When I had my first child in 2010, I had access to 12 months' maternity leave, then returned to work in a senior role, in a part-time capacity. The flexibility offered by the SRO made my decision to transition back to work an easy one, because it enabled me to pursue my career development yet also continue to share important milestones with my child.