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You must link your AUSkey if you intend to use it for PTX Express or to lodge returns via SBR-enabled software. Linking is a one-off process.

Where an AUSkey has the same ABN, subsequent PTX Express users for the organisation will automatically receive the following access levels in PTX Express:

  • Lodger.
  • Access administrator.
  • Payment administrator.

An organisation that transacts on behalf of a payroll tax customer (an intermediary) does not need an AUSkey linked. The customer will, however, need to authorise an intermediary to transact on their behalf, which is done using either their AUSkey or their username and password.


Prepare your access

Follow these instructions to begin the linking process:

  1. Log in to PTX Express.
  2. Select to log in using AUSkey.
  3. Select your AUSkey from the dropdown list and enter your AUSkey password.

You will be transferred back to PTX Express to start the linking. You then select whether you want to link your AUSkey or whether you want to request intermediary authorisation to transact on behalf of other organisations.

  • Select the employer-only access section.

For security purposes, an access administrator is now required to enter their PTX Express username and password.

Log in to PTX Express


Link and authorise AUSkey

Details of the organisation associated with your AUSkey will be displayed together with the organisation details associated with your customer number.

  • Select to link AUSkey.

Do not proceed if the organisation details do not represent the same business. If the email address is incorrect, update it on the AUSkey website and then restart the linking process.

  • Select to exit the system or to use PTX Express.

Log in to PTX Express

Next steps

An email is sent to all access administrators in PTX Express to advise them whenever:

  • An AUSkey has been linked.
  • A new AUSkey has been created.

You can revoke an AUSkey link by sending an email to, requesting the AUSkey link be removed. Please note that removing the AUSkey link will delete all AUSkey users from PTX Express.