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This video shows you how to do various account administration functions within Duties Online.


Accessing Duties Online from our new website is quick and easy. Scroll down and select the "Duties Online" link. Then "Log into Duties Online" – enter your user name and password to enter the system.

If you have the "Administration" profile type as a Duties Online user, on the far right hand side there is an "Administration" tab. Hover over this tab to reveal the "Amend Registration" option. By selecting "Amend Registration", you are presented with all of the information pertaining to your organisation's registration. You can edit the types of documents you submit, edit organisation details, edit registered users and edit contact details.

Let’s have a look at the "Edit Registered Users" function. In this section, you can edit your existing users, add new users and remove users. It’s important that whenever you make changes within this section that you always hit "Save", otherwise your changes will be lost.

To finalise any changes that you have made you will need to acknowledge that you can read the terms and conditions and then "confirm" on the screen. The SRO will then receive an automated amendment request, which will be authorised by an SRO staff member. Where there is a new user, that user will be notified of their user name and activation link via email.

You can also reset your password from the "Administration" tab – select "Reset Password" from the dropdown list and then select the user that you would like to reset the password for. Enter in a new password and click "OK".  A confirmation email will be emailed to the user, with an activation link to complete the process.

You can also reset your password from the Duties Online log in page. Select the "Reset your Password" link, provide your username and email address and select "OK". If you receive an error message indicating that the email address or username does not match, contact your administrator for confirmation of the associated email address, or contact the SRO for verification.  A username is generally the first three letters of your first name, the first three letters of your surname followed by 0001.

You are then prompted to create a temporary activation password – select "OK" to submit. A confirmation email will be emailed to the user, with an activation link to complete the process.

You will then be required to enter your newly created temporary activation password then create your new permanent password. You will need to enter your new permanent password to use Duties Online.