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The State Revenue Office’s Duties Online application has been developed to allow the conveyancing community to process and pay duty administered by the State Revenue Office. This video takes you through the steps required to register for Duties Online.


To become a registered user for Duties Online, start by going to the SRO website – Scroll down and select the "Duties Online" link – Register for Duties Online.

Select the blue "Register" button. Step one of the process requires you to nominate the types of documents that you process and indicate whether you will process PEXA transactions. You will also need to estimate the number of documents that you process each week, and estimate the amount of duty per week. Select "Next".

Step 2 is where you enter the details of the organisation – organisation details, registered address and postal address – please note that if you have a PO Box or GPO Box as your postal address, you will need to email a copy of the application to advising the SRO of the correct postal address. An SRO officer will ensure that the correct postal address is recorded against your user account. Select "Next".

In Step 3 you allocate a temporary activation password which will be applicable to all users. This password needs to be noted, and used to activate the account. Select "Add a New User" and follow the prompts – you will need to select the level of access that each user has, and the types of documents that that user will be processing. At least one user must have the "Administrator" profile and one user the "Payment Schedule Approver" profile. Remember to select "Save". When you have added all of the users, select "Next".

In Step 4 enter the details of the contact person and the certifier. The certifier must be the director of the company, the sole proprietor or one of the partners – depending on the type of business structure. 

Step 5 is a confirmation screen – where you can edit the types of documents, the organisation's details, and the contact details. If you are satisfied with the data you have entered, and have read the terms and conditions, which can be viewed via the link on screen – select the "Acknowledgement" checkbox, enter the word verification code and select the "Confirm" button along the bottom of the screen.

The application has now been submitted to the SRO for processing. You can print a copy of the application form for your records via the link on the screen. Once your application has been processed, the SRO will send you a welcome email with instructions on how to activate your account.