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Duties Online allows registered users to electronically submit details of the most common types of property transfers and Declarations of Trust for assessment, all from the convenience of their office.


Registered users are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure the accuracy of all information entered for transactions in Duties Online. 

To avoid the need for a correction, there are a number of 'checks' that can be made throughout the data entry process. Ensure that the correct address has been entered by selecting 'find address' in the Land Transfer Property screen.  If the address is the same as on the Transfer of Land, then you may proceed.  If not, please check the Volume and Folio to ensure that they have been entered correctly.

You will also need to check that the Transferees details are correct and are the same as on the Transfer of Land document

Before committing to pay, select the transaction and click 'View' and review the details entered.  Transactions can also be reviewed and edited through the 'Search' Tab by selecting the applicable transaction.

If you require an amendment to a Duties Online transaction, please send an email to , attaching a copy of the duty statement or certificate of duty along with the transfer of land or schedule page of the trust.