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Before you start your PEXA transaction in Duties Online, ensure you have both the PEXA ID and Transaction ID. These are found in the PEXA workspace here and here.

To start your PEXA transaction in Duties Online, access our website,, scroll down and select the Duties Online link. Then select ‘Login to Duties Online’. Now, enter your Username and password and select ‘Sign in’.

The tabs at the top of the home screen provide access to all Duties Online processes. You must hover over the tabs, not click on them.

Hover over the 'Create' tab and select 'Retrieve and Claim PEXA Transaction'.

Enter the PEXA ID, the Transaction ID and the digital duties Form ID.

If you don't have the form ID at the time of claiming the PEXA transaction you can still start the transaction. However, you must link the form before settlement.

Select ‘Retrieve’, then select ‘Claim’.

You can access helpful information by selecting the ‘i’ button next to relevant fields.

The ‘Save’ buttons allow you to save your progress and return to the process later.

Most fields are pre-populated with information entered in the PEXA workspace and can only be edited in PEXA.  

A Digital Duties Form can only be linked to one transaction. If you entered the wrong form ID or need to link a form ID, select ‘Change’, enter the correct form id and select ‘OK’.

Select the transaction type from the dropdown list, then select ‘Next’.

All fields on this screen are pre-populated from PEXA but, if you need to, you can edit the property type. To do this, select ‘Edit’, choose the correct property type from the dropdown list and select ‘OK’.

You can’t edit any of the other ‘Property’ fields.

Select ‘Next’.

Transferor details are pre-populated directly from the title details lodged with Land Use Victoria and cannot be changed in Duties Online. Check this information is correct then select ‘Next’.

On this screen, Duties Online requires additional information, which is not provided by PEXA.

Indicate whether any of the transferees are related or associated and whether all purchasers on the contract are the same as all transferees. Then select ‘Edit’.

Indicate whether the transferee is acquiring the property as trustee of a trust and whether they are a foreign purchaser. If they are a foreign purchaser, you must also select their country of citizenship.

Once complete, select ‘OK’.

Select ‘Next’.

In this example we didn’t choose a separate purchaser and transferee so step five is skipped.

Indicate whether or not the sale is less than the unencumbered market value of the property. If it is, you must enter the full market value. For this demonstration, we’ll select ‘No’.

Select ‘Next’.

In step 7, enter details of any deductions, concessions and exemptions. It’s important to remember that if there are any concessions or exemptions they should be claimed at this point, not through a refund later. For this demonstration we won’t claim any exemptions or concessions.

Next select ‘Estimate’.

This screen provides a duty estimate based on the information entered, as well as the opportunity to go back and make any amendments. You can also select ‘Duty Estimate’ to download a Duty Estimate Statement if you wish.

Once you are satisfied all information has been entered correctly, select ‘Acknowledge’.

Finally, select ‘Certify’ and then ‘OK’.

Certifying a transaction completes the Duties Online component and sends the land transfer duty verification amount back to PEXA.

Now return to PEXA to complete the transaction.