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This video explains how to lodge your application for the Australian HomeBuilder Grant. You can start your application after you enter an eligible HomeBuilder contract. 


The HomeBuilder program provides eligible owner-occupiers with a grant to build a new home, substantially renovate an existing home or buy an off- the-plan home or new home.

The State Revenue Office is administering the HomeBuilder Grant on behalf of the Australian Government.

Applications for HomeBuilder can be lodged through our online portal via a multi-step process. You can start your application after you enter an eligible HomeBuilder contract. Depending on which type of eligible HomeBuilder contract you enter into, you will need to upload various supporting documentation before finalising your application. Alternatively, if you have all of your supporting documentation available, you can complete the application process in one step.

In order to be eligible for HomeBuilder, you must have entered into a contract to build or renovate between 4 June 2020 and 31 March 2021. You must visit our online portal and submit your grant application by no later than 14 April 2021. Whilst applications must be submitted by 14 April 2021, this does not mean that all of your supporting documents need to be submitted by that date, and you continue to access and use the online portal to upload your supporting documents beyond 14 April 2021.

It’s important that you understand the eligibility criteria for HomeBuilder. The HomeBuilder criteria, and information about the grant amount that you may be eligible to receive, can be found at

Note that the application must be completed by the owner, or owners of the land rather than a conveyancer or representative.

To start the application process, go to the online portal and select ’log in’.

Agree to the terms of use and enter your email address. This will be used to start the application process, and to access your application later. You can save your progress and access the system at any time to update details or to upload supporting documentation as it becomes available.

A six digit code will be sent to your email address. Copy and paste the code and use it within the portal to verify your email address.

Select ‘next’ to continue.

As you move through the application, please ensure that all details are accurate as once submitted these details cannot be changed. Changes can be made up to the point that you submit the initial part of your application.

You can save your progress at any time throughout the application   and return later to add further details as you have them. To do this save your progress, select exit and when you log back in any data you have already entered will be populated.

In part A, there is a series of questions to help us determine your eligibility. Answer the questions by checking the applicable radio buttons. Select ‘save’ and continue to the next step.

In part B, you will enter the applicant, or applicants’, details. Complete these details, select ‘save’ and continue to the next step.

In part C, you will enter the details of the property that is the subject of the grant application. The information you need for this section will generally be on the title for the property or in your contract.  Complete these details. Finally, select the contract type you are entering into. More information about the eligible contract types can be found at

Select ‘save’ and continue to the next step.

Next, provide details about the eligible contract. This includes telling us on what date the eligible contract was signed, its value and the date on which construction commenced, or will commence. Select ‘save’ to continue.

Select ‘continue’, and add your payment details in part D. You will need to provide an Australian bank account. This account must be in the name of the applicant or applicants, and cannot be a representative or third party bank account. Once entered, select ‘save’ and continue.

You now have an opportunity to review your application. It is important that you check that you have entered your details correctly as you will not be able to change these in the portal once you submit the application. Read the declaration and check the box to indicate that it is true and correct.

Select ‘submit application’ to complete the initial part of your application process.

This initial part of the application must be completed by 14 April 2021 but remember that, to be eligible, you must have entered a contract to build or renovate between 4 June 2020 and 31 March 2021.

Now that you have completed this initial part of your application, you will need to lodge your supporting documents. By clicking continue you will be able to view a list of all supporting documents that you will need to provide. If you have all of these available, you can continue to complete the application at this point by uploading all required documents. Depending on the type of eligible HomeBuilder contract you have entered into and where you are in the construction process, you may not have all supporting documents. If this is the case, you can log back into the system at a later time and continue uploading your supporting information as it becomes available. It is important to note that your supporting documents do not need to be uploaded by 14 April 2021, and you can continue to access and use the online portal to upload your supporting documents beyond that date.

You will be emailed a summary of the initial part of your application for your records.

Now that you have submitted your initial application, you need to provide various supporting documents as they become available before it can be processed.

This can be done via the online portal once you have the documents available. You will need to log into the system again by providing your email address and verifying it by entering the 6 digit code that is emailed to you.

Select the ‘documents’ button.

Specific documents are needed to identify you and other documents are required that relate to your contract type. The system will prompt you for the documents relevant to your contract type.

To upload a document, select the ‘choose file’ button.

Uploading a document is a three step process. First, select ‘browse’, find the relevant document, and select ‘open’. The file must be a PDF or JPG and cannot be larger than 40 mega bytes in size.

Next, from the list of supporting documents required, select which document or documents are included in the file that you are uploading. Finally, at the bottom of the page, select upload. The system will provide you with confirmation once the file has been uploaded successfully.

You can continue to upload documents using this three-step process as many times as required. Depending on your eligible HomeBuilder contract type, some documents will only be available after construction has started. Once you have those documents, simply log back onto the portal and upload them until you have provided all the documents relevant to your application.

Once all documents have been uploaded, your application will be submitted for processing and will be reviewed by the State Revenue Office. We will process it and advise you of the outcome within 15 business days. The grant will be paid into your nominated account, generally within 5 days of notifying you that your application was successful.

Last modified: 17 February 2021
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