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This video will guide you on the steps required to lodge a refund application through the Duties Online system.


On the SRO homepage, scroll down, and select the Duties Online logo, then, login to Duties Online.

Sign in with your username and password.

Hover over the "Create Tab" and scroll down to SRO Refunds, and select "Refund Claim Lodgement".

Here is where you enter your reference number and the transaction ID. This is the ID associated to the transaction you are requesting a refund for.

You will then be prompted to select a refund lodgement category – if you’re not sure which category to select you can always go to the help text icon for more detailed explanations for each category type.

The refund will be paid to the transferee of the property. You will need to enter the BSB, account number and account name.

You can also add comments if you wish.

The next step is to upload supporting documentation. Select the document type from the list, and then upload your documents one at a time. You can upload multiple documents, but they must be uploaded individually. Once you are finished and have uploaded all of your documents, select the "Submit" button.

You will be prompted to confirm that the bank account details are correct. Please check this information carefully.

A green bar will appear across the top of the screen confirming that the refund lodgement has been submitted to the SRO.

To search for the claim and follow it’s progress, hover over the search tab, then scroll down to "Refund Claims", "All Refund Claims".

All of your refunds will display in this view, and their status will be displayed on the screen. Once a refund has been processed, and payment made to the transferee – the status will change to completed.