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Get to know My Land Tax, an online application that enables you to manage your land tax information quickly and easily.


We’re making it easier for you to do business with us by launching a new online service that enables you to manage your land tax information quickly and easily.

My Land Tax allows you to:

  • View and pay assessments
  • Update property ownership information
  • Apply for land tax exemptions
  • Track the progress of enquiries, and
  • Update your contact details for land tax

There are four tabs on the My Land Tax home page – My Profile, View and pay assessments, Properties and Submissions.

The ‘My Profile’ page allows you to update your title and phone numbers.

The ‘View and pay assessments’ page provides an overview of your land tax assessments issued in the last five years, including the:

  • assessed liability,
  • issue date,
  • payment status,
  • due date, and
  • payment options.

You can download copies of your assessments or pay assessments from this page too.

The ‘Properties’ page contains details of the properties you owned in each assessment year, including your beneficial interest in trust held land.

This page also includes:

  • an SRO reference number for each property,
  • the value of the property, as determined by the municipal council or Valuer General, and
  • any applicable exemptions.

From the ‘Properties’ page, you can let us know if:

  • you did not own the property,
  • you lived at the property, or
  • the land was being farmed.

Finally, the ‘Submissions’ page allows you to view and track amendment requests lodged via My Land Tax.

For more information and to register for My Land Tax, visit

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