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If businesses are connected, related or dependent on one another, they can be grouped for payroll tax purposes.

Details about how a group is formed can be found on our website, or by selecting the link on the screen.

If your business has changed from a non-group employer to an ordinary member of a payroll tax group, you must let us know via PTX Express.

Before you start, you will need the following information:

  • Your current financial year wage estimate, and
  • The date you joined the payroll tax group

In addition, if the group already exists, you will need:

  • The current group number, and
  • The name and ABN of the current designated group employer

If the group doesn’t already exist, you will need information about the other group members including:

  • The names and ABNs of the other members,
  • The employer type of each member, this will be ordinary Victorian employer, interstate employer or non-employer, and
  • Whether any of the members are registered for payroll tax in Victoria

To begin, log in to PTX Express then select 'Update Employer Details' at the top right of the screen under 'Are your details up to date?'.

Use the drop-down box to change your employer type from 'Non Group' to 'Ordinary Member'.

Ensure your current financial year wage estimate is still valid and modify it if necessary, then select 'Next'.

Enter the date you joined the payroll tax group. 

If the group already exists, select this box and enter the group information, including the details of the current designated group employer, or DGE.

The DGE is the member designated to receive the tax-free deduction for the group and to reconcile the group’s payroll tax at the end of the financial year.

If the group doesn’t already exist or you’re not sure who the DGE is, select this check box.

Next, select 'Add Another Member' at the bottom of the screen.

Complete the details for the member.

Then select 'Save'.

Repeat this process for each of the other members of the group.

Add any additional relevant information here, for example, "You’re not sure who else belongs to the group" or "Who the DGE is". The more information we have, the easier it is for us to process the group details.

Finally, indicate whether or not the other members are registered for payroll tax in Victoria. 

If the other members pay wages in Victoria but are not yet registered for payroll tax in Victoria, they will need to complete an online registration via PTX Express.

Once completed, select 'Submit'.

Then select 'OK'.

Last modified: 2 April 2020
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