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This video explains land tax exemptions that apply to your home.


Your home is exempt from land tax in Victoria. There are some conditions – it must be able to be used lawfully as a residence, it must be your principal home, and it has to be owned by a person, so not a company.

If you’ve recently moved in to your home, you have to live there, or intend to live there for six months for the exemption to apply.

If you’re building your home then there may be an initial land tax liability, however once you’ve moved in, been issued with a certificate of occupancy, and lived there for six months you can apply for a refund of the land tax paid. More information about this refund and other principle place of residence exemptions can be found by selecting the link on screen.

We can usually update your principal place of residence exemption over the phone, so if it’s incorrect on your assessment, give us a call on 13 21 61.