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The State Revenue Office provides employers with an online application called Payroll Tax Express or PTX Express for short.

PTX Express simplifies the way employers manage their payroll tax.

Employers or their representatives can use PTX Express to:

  • manage user access to the system ,
  • lodge monthly returns and annual reconciliations,
  • apply for refunds of overpaid tax, and
  • update records and contact details.

When registering, you must provide specific information, including:

  • the legal name of your business,
  • your ABN or ACN, and
  • your WorkCover Employer Number.

You must also enter:

  • The date you started employing in Victoria and interstate, if relevant.
  • Your current financial year’s wage estimates for Victoria and interstate.
  • The past four financial year’s wage details for Victoria and interstate, including superannuation and fringe benefits.
  • The business activity you are engaged in.
  • Your contact information, including your street address and the name, phone number and email address of your authorised contact person.

In some situations, your business or company can be grouped with other related businesses. Please contact the State Revenue Office if you think your business may be part of a larger group of companies, businesses or entities.

To register for payroll tax, access our website,, and select the PTX Express link.

Now select ‘Register for payroll tax’.

To start your registration, enter your email address in the box provided, then select ‘Next’.

This screen requires information about the employer.

Fields with an asterisk are mandatory so you cannot go to the next screen until they are completed.

If you need help, select a question mark to access more information on that field.

Start by selecting your customer type from the drop down box. The options are company, individual, organisation, other, partnership or trust.

Enter the employer’s ABN, legal name and trading name if it is different. If you don’t have an ABN yet, enter NO ABN, in upper case.

If you are registering a partnership, you must enter details for all partners. Please use the ‘Additional information’ box to list all partners and their ABNs or ACNs.

If you are registering a trust, you must enter the trustee’s ABN or ACN as well as the trust’s ABN and name.

Choose your employer type from the drop down menu. If you are in a group of related employers you will be a designated group employer or an ordinary group member. All other employers are non-group.

Enter your WorkCover Employer Number. If you don’t have one yet, enter NO WEN in upper case. This information can be updated when you receive your WorkCover Employer Number.

Enter the date you started employing in Victoria and, if applicable, your interstate employment start date.

Next, provide estimates of your Victorian wages for the remainder of the current financial year.

If you employ interstate, provide an estimate of your Australian wages. This figure is your Victorian wage estimate, plus an estimate of your interstate wages for the remainder of the financial year.

Your wage estimates and employment start date are used to calculate your deduction entitlement, which is explained in our ‘Lodging a monthly return’ video.

Choose your business activity from the drop down box.

When you have entered all required information, select ‘Next’.

You can also ‘Save and Exit’ at any stage and return to your registration later.

Advise us of your authorised contact person by selecting the ‘Add’ button and entering the contact person’s details.

If you want them to also be the mailing contact, tick the ‘Mailing Correspondent’ box and select ‘Save’.

If you want, you can add more than one contact person by clicking the ‘Add’ button. Otherwise, select the ‘Next’ button.

Choose your address format for correspondence.

Enter your postal address and then enter the trading address.

Specify if you have received correspondence from our investigations branch and select ‘Next’.

If your Victorian or interstate employment start date is prior to the current financial year, the system now requires you to enter total taxable wages for previous financial years.

From 1 July 2017, regional employers can benefit from a lower payroll tax rate. If you are a regional employer you must select this check box, enter your regional wage details and verify your location by entering your ABN registered business address postcode.

Once complete select ‘Next.’

Now certify your registration details are correct by completing the declaration.

If you specified an interstate employment start date earlier, you must now select which states or territories it relates to.

Tick the verification box and submit your application.

The State Revenue Office will contact you with your payroll tax registration details, including your username and password so you can log into the PTXpress system where you can manage all your payroll tax obligations.

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