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Once all parties have selected ‘Complete’ in the digital duties form, an email will advise all representatives the form is ready to sign electronically or manually.

To sign electronically, select ‘Actions’, ‘Manage Signatories’, and ‘Request Signature’. Before inviting your client to sign, confirm the information is correct and that you have verified your client’s identity. Then,  enter their email address and select ‘Request Signature’.

Your client will receive an email with a link that enables them to review and sign the form. Before they can view the form, they will need to answer a security question and select ‘Continue’. After confirming the information entered on the form is  true and correct, they can select ‘Sign Form’.   

To manually sign, print the statement for your client to sign. You will be required to electronically attest to holding the signed form for five years.

Once all parties have reviewed and signed, the transferee’s representative can generate a settlement statement containing the form ID and all of the information used to assess land transfer duty. You can still edit the signed form by selecting ‘Edit’ right up until the point of claiming, but all parties will be required to review and re-sign the amended form.