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Lodge complex transactions for SRO duty determination


An SRO duty determination is a complex transaction that must be submitted to the SRO and returned back to the user for finalising.

To start an SRO duty determination, access our website,, scroll down and select the Duties Online link.

Then select ‘Login to Duties Online’.

Now enter your Username and Password and select ‘Sign in’.

The tabs at the top of the screen provide access to all Duties Online processes. You must hover over the tabs and not click on them.

Hover over the ‘Create’ tab and select ‘Retrieve & Claim Settlement Statement’.

Enter the Digital Duties Form ID and select ‘Retrieve’.

Enter the Settlement Statement Code from the settlement statement and select ‘Verify’.

Now select ‘Claim as SRO Land Transfer Lodgement’.

Choose the lodgement category from this drop down box. If your transaction type is not listed, you may need to retrieve and claim a PEXA transaction instead.

The category you choose determines the steps and information required to complete the transaction. For this demonstration I’ll choose ‘Primary Production’ and select ‘Next.

The digital duties form has pre-filled some of the information. Once you have checked the property details are correct, select ‘Next’.

Check that the pre-filled transferor information is correct, then select ‘Next’ and do the same for the transferee information.

Step 5 displays the transaction details. You are able to edit these fields and change information if needed. If you have any comments to help us determine your duty liability, please type them in the ‘comments’ box. Then select ‘Next’.

This screen shows the lodgement details. You can change the lodgement category at this point if needed.

Check the transaction details are correct. If other transactions are related to this transaction you must link them all to this one by selecting ‘Retrieve and claim another settlement statement’ and follow the prompts.

Next, attach your supporting documents. The dropdown menu lists all documents relevant to your lodgement category. In fact you can use this menu as a checklist to ensure you upload all required documents.

Select a document type from the menu then select browse. Locate and select the document on your system, select ‘Open’, then ‘Upload’. Our first document is now uploaded to Duties Online.

Next select ‘Upload another document’ and repeat these steps until you have uploaded all required documents.

Once complete, select ‘Submit’.

Confirm that you have created all the relevant bundled transactions and provided all the supporting documents, then select ‘Yes, Submit’.

If you don’t create all bundled transactions or submit all supporting documents, your transaction may be delayed until they are provided to us.

Once we have assessed the duty, we will notify you by email and a yellow box will appear on the home page of Duties Online.

Remember, you must finalise transactions within five business days of them being returned to you.

To access lodgements ready for payment, select the ‘Assessed lodgements’ link. This screen shows all lodgements ready for payment.

Prior to selecting a lodgement from this list, the ‘Commit to pay selected’ button is greyed out and inactive.

Locate the relevant lodgement and select this check box. This activates the ‘Commit to Pay Selected’ button. If this button is stilled greyed out, it means you haven’t assigned a payment method. If so, assign a payment method before proceeding.

You must have the funds available when you commit to pay because you only have 24 hours to pay the outstanding amount if paying by EFT or BPay, or 7 days if paying by cheque. Once you’re sure you can pay within the required period, select ‘Commit to pay’.

After a final check, select the ‘Yes, Finalise’ button in the ‘Commit to Pay Confirmation’ box.

Please make a note of your payment reference details because you’ll need to include this information when making your payment.

Finally, if you want to print or save your duty statement, select ‘All Duty Statements (PDF)’.

And there it is.

That completes this video. Thank you for watching.