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To start the digital duties form, a transferee will receive a formal email invitation sent by the transferor’s representative or another transferee via Duties Online. Once you accept the invitation and log in, you will need to declare that you have read and agreed to our terms of use.

Before you start entering your data as the transferee’s representative, you’ll see that details entered by the transferor will have pre-populated the form. This information can only be edited by the transferor.

Select ‘Save and Continue’ until you reach the part of the form relating to the transferee details. Here, add the transferee, along with any applicable concessions and exemptions. The concessions and exemptions you select will appear in a table on your screen.

Once all the transferee information has been entered, select ‘Complete’. Only after all representatives to the transaction have also selected ‘Complete’ can you invite the transferee via email to review and sign their form.