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To start a new digital duties form in Duties Online, hover the mouse over the ‘Create’ tab and select ‘Land Transfer Duty Form’.

The transferor or their representative must start the form, because they provide the contract related information that pre-populate the transferee section of the form.

Before you start, you will need to read and acknowledge the declaration.

Then, select whether you represent the transferor, or both the transferor and transferee.

Next, enter all the relevant information regarding the transaction and select ‘Complete’. For privacy reasons, the transferor’s private details will not be visible to other parties.

You can then invite another transferor, the transferee, or their representative, to complete their part of the form by selecting ‘Manage Invitations’.

You will need to enter the email address and nominate the role of the person you are inviting.

Only after all representatives to the transaction have also selected ‘Complete’ can you invite the transferor via email to review and sign their form.