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Once the digital duties form has been reviewed and signed by all parties, you will be able to use the information on the Settlement Statement form to start a transaction in Duties Online.

The Settlement Statement form is only generated by the purchaser or their representative. Please note that only the party who wishes to assess the duty payable should claim the settlement statement.

In the ‘Create’ tab, select ‘Retrieve and Claim Settlement Statement’, then enter the form ID. If you created the form yourself, you can find the form ID in the ‘Search’ tab under ‘All Forms’. Alternatively, the form ID is located on the first page of the settlement statement. After entering the ID, select ‘Retrieve. Next, enter the Settlement Statement Code, which is located directly under the Form ID reference on the settlement statement. Select ‘Verify’ to continue.

From here, select ‘Claim for Land Transfer Transaction’ to start a regular duties transaction or select ‘Claim for Land Transfer Lodgement’ to start a complex lodgement.

After claiming the Settlement Statement, most fields will be pre-populated in the Duties Online transaction, and the form cannot be edited after it has been claimed.

The digital duties form can only be linked to one transaction. If you have accidentally claimed the wrong form ID, please cancel the transaction.