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If you have received a land tax assessment for the first time, this video will explain why.


If your land holdings haven’t changed recently, it is likely that the value of the land you own has increased to exceed the land tax threshold of $250,000, or $25,000 for land held on trust.

Land tax is assessed using the site value of properties, which is shown on your most recent council rate notice. For 2020 assessments, land tax has been calculated using the valuation conducted as part of the state-wide 2019 general revaluation process.

Other reasons for receiving a land tax assessment for the first time include acquiring more land or where an exemption has been removed from a property you own.

More information about valuations and what to do if you disagree with the site value used to calculate your land tax is at

Your home is exempt from land tax. If land tax has been assessed on your home, or if your assessment is incorrect in any other way you can quickly and easily update it online via My Land Tax at


Last modified: 2 April 2020
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