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Registered car park owners and operators (or their representatives) must notify us within one month of any of their details that change. As an owner, you must notify us when:

  • Your contact details change,
  • You acquire new premises from which a car park operates,
  • You cease to own the premises,
  • The premises ceases to operate as a car park,
  • You own premises where a new car park starts operating,
  • You change your authorised representative, or
  • You change your car park operator

As an operator, you must notify us when:

  • Your contact details change,
  • You cease to operate a car park, or
  • You begin to operate a public car park


Gather supporting information

The following information is needed to complete the Congestion Levy Change of Details Owner Operator Form 02, but please refer to the form for specific instructions:

  • Current owner/operator,
  • New owner/operator or authorised representative,
  • Premises bought, sold or created as a car park



Complete your form

The application form can be completed on screen.


Lodge your form

The application form can be lodged online.

Your completed form must be lodged within one month of a change occurring.

Next steps

We will acknowledge your changed details in writing and advise you of any further actions if required.