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To claim an exemption, you should complete the claim form and submit it with the annual return, or follow the steps below.

If you are claiming an exemption for different premises, you must complete a separate form for each one.

If you own or operate a car park, and you let a person use a particular parking space in your car park and that person believes that an exemption applies, please ask the person to complete Congestion Levy Exemption Claim Form 1 and return it to you. If the person has already provided you with a written record detailing how the relevant exemption criteria are satisfied, there is no need to ask for the exemption claim form to be completed as well. Upon receiving the completed form or written record, you may claim the relevant exemption in your annual return.

An exemption can only be claimed by the car park owner (for private car parks) or the owner/operator (for public car parks). You must retain completed forms and other written records for any exemption claimed. These must be provided to us on request to substantiate any exemptions claimed.

To determine whether you are eligible for a concession, please refer to the congestion levy exemptions and concessions page.

Levy assessments are issued in mid-March.

  1. Gather required information

    The following information is needed to complete the Congestion Levy Exemption Claim Form 1, but refer to the form for specific instructions:

    • your business details, including ABN/ACN and State Revenue Office customer numbers
    • addresses of any car park spaces on which an exemption is being claimed
    • the type and number of exemptions being claimed.
  2. Occupant completes claim form and sends it to car park owner

    The claim form must be completed on screen, then printed and signed by the occupant.

    The occupant should send the completed claim form to the car park owner for their records.

  3. Car park owner retains claim form

    The claim form should be retained by the car park owner. 

    The claim form can be provided to us, when requested, in order to validate the car park owner's claim for an exemption. 

Last modified: 24 November 2023

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