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Unless an exemption or concession applies, the congestion levy is charged each calendar year on off-street private and public car parking spaces in two specified levy areas within inner Melbourne.

Generally, you need to register for the congestion levy every time you become the owner of a public or private car park in either the category 1 (red) or category 2 (blue) levy areas.

For public car parks, the operator must register in addition to the owner. The owner can, on their registration form, nominate the operator to lodge the annual returns and receive all correspondence and assessments on their behalf.

You must register within one month of becoming an owner or operator of a car park.

If there are several owners, only one owner needs to submit a form on behalf of all owners.

  1. Gather required details

    You need the following information to complete the Application for registration as an owner or operator of a car park for Congestion Levy, but refer to the form for specific instructions:

    • business details, including trading name, ABN/ACN and State Revenue Office customer number
    • details of any other owners of the car park spaces
    • representative details, such as your accountant, if applicable
    • nominated car park operator, if applicable, to receive your annual return and assessment
    • address details of any premises containing a car park space, the size of each space, when it commenced as a car park and the nominated car park operator, if applicable.
  2. Complete your form

    Your registration form is completed online.

    Please contact us on 13 21 61 or online if you have questions about registering.

  3. Lodge your form

    Your registration form is lodged online.

Next Steps

After registering, you will receive an annual return from us each November. You must complete the return and send it back to us by 21 January the following year so we can calculate your assessment.

Assessments are sent out in mid-March.

You need to change your details within one month if you:

  • sell a car park or a property to which parking spaces are attached or associated
  • stop operating after registering (as a public car park operator).

If you sell a car park or property to which parking spaces are attached during an assessment year, you are still liable for the levy for that assessment year as you owned or operated the premises on 1 January of the assessment year.

Last modified: 24 November 2023

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