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We expect our staff to be committed to our success and demonstrate behaviours that reflect high levels of personal contribution, accountability, teamwork, and trust. 

To maintain the Victorian community's confidence, all our employees must champion our corporate values and strive towards achieving our strategic goals.

Corporate values


Treating colleagues, public officials, and members of the Victorian community fairly and objectively, without discrimination, harassment, or bullying.


Being honest, open, and transparent in all dealings, using powers responsibly, reporting improper conduct, avoiding any real or apparent conflicts of interest, and striving to earn and sustain public trust at a high level.


Working to clear objectives in a transparent manner and accepting responsibility for our decisions and actions.


Providing high-quality services to the Victorian community and frank, impartial and timely advice to the government, identifying and promoting best practice.


Acting fairly and objectively and making decisions and providing advice on merit, without bias, favouritism, or self-interest.


Positively influencing, inspiring, and empowering others, working cooperatively with colleagues, respecting and seeking the professional opinions of our colleagues and acknowledging their contributions.

Human rights 

Respecting and promoting the human rights set out in the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 by making decisions and providing advice consistent with human rights, and by actively implementing, promoting, and supporting human rights.

Our guiding principles

Principle 1: Agility – we are responsive to the needs of government and customers

Principle 2: Connectedness – we feel a strong sense of belonging 

Principle 3: Consistency – we treat all of our people and customers as consistently as possible 

Strategic goals

  • To deliver fair and efficient revenue management services
  • To encourage and develop excellence in our people
  • To provide an excellent customer experience
  • To modernise our technology
  • To maximise customer compliance

Working at the SRO

What we value

Last modified: 8 January 2024
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