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More than a thousand people work at our Melbourne CBD and Ballarat GovHub offices including accountants, lawyers, IT specialists and leading professionals in corporate and customer services – all striving to make a difference in our community.

We administer Victoria’s taxation legislation and collect a range of duties, levies and taxes, as well as providing grants, such as those that help people get into their first home. In 2022-23, we collected $26.9 billion in revenue for the Victorian Government. The money we collect funds schools, hospitals, police, roads, public transport and other government services and priorities.

A career at the SRO is rewarding and meaningful. The work we do is interesting, diverse and makes a real positive impact on the lives of Victorians. 


The health and wellbeing of our staff is vital, which is one of the reasons we offer hybrid working arrangements, where staff can work up to half their time at home. We also offer other flexible working arrangements, job sharing and a range of leave options such as study leave and purchased leave. 


We are an award-winning organisation that prides itself on a culture that is welcoming, safe and inclusive. We provide a supportive, encouraging and inspiring workplace, which is why our staff stay with us, on average, more than 11 years. 


We value respect and treating everyone fairly. Our highly-skilled and diverse workforce is friendly, compassionate and keen to get the best out of one another. 


We want our staff to continuously learn and improve, which is why we offer many professional and personal learning and development opportunities. Progression, both within the SRO and the Victorian Public Service, is supported and encouraged.

Last modified: 3 June 2024
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