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In order to reduce traffic congestion, the Congestion Levy Act 2005 imposes a levy on parking spaces in inner Melbourne and the central business district. As part of our compliance program, we ensure that public and private parking spaces are registered.

Helping you get it right

To help you get it right, we provide a range of information and tools, including:

Our Customer Service Charter

Our compliance activities

Our compliance activities include:

  • identifying unregistered owners and operators from land tax data and information obtained from external bodies, such as local councils
  • investigating registered car park owners and operators who fail to lodge returns and pay the levy
  • auditing owners and operators who are claiming exemptions for parking spaces.

Common errors to avoid

  • not understanding the requirements of the legislation, especially in relation to determining what an exempt parking space for shift workers is
  • not lodging returns
  • not registering leviable car parks.

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Last modified: 6 October 2023
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