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Online enquiries

We aim to respond to you within 10 business days. Giving us your customer number will help us resolve your query as quickly as possible.

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For all enquiries

13 21 61

International callers

(+61) 3 9628 0000

Business hours

8:30 am–5 pm (AEST/AEDT), Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

If you are calling on someone's behalf, please make sure the account owner has contacted us and given you formal authority to do so, or we will only be able to provide general information. Customers can nominate/authorise a representative to interact with the State Revenue Office on their behalf using the Change of contact details form.

If you have a hearing or speech impairment or require an interpreter, please refer to Language, hearing and speech services.


State Revenue Office
GPO Box 1641
Melbourne VIC 3001


General enquiries

(+61) 3 9628 6222

Payroll tax

(+61) 3 9628 6700

Land tax

(+61) 3 9628 6856

Customer services

(+61) 3 9628 0021

Customer lodgment services

Land transfers and declarations of trust

All transfers of land and declarations of trust must be lodged electronically using Duties Online.

Conveyancing industry

All duty transactions can be lodged electronically using Duties Online.


Use a Duties Online registered organisation or register for our free online lodgement service to process transactions.

Looking for something else?

Check our Help Centre to find online services, calculators, and other resources.

Last modified: 25 March 2024
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