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Sections: s7 (1)(b)(i)

Lodgement category: ELM


A declaration of Trust relating to any identified property. 


Lodge the following evidence for all transfers of land:

  1. Digital duties form (for all contracts or agreements entered into on or after 1 July 2017),
  2. The lease containing the covenant for the future transfer,
  3. Evidence of the value of the property via:
    1. A letter of appraisal from a licensed real estate agent and a copy of the rate notice, or
    2. A valuation from a certified practicing valuer who is a member of the API or by a member of the REIV with sworn valuer accreditation, or
    3. In circumstances where a letter of appraisal or sworn valuation could not be obtained, complete SRO Duties Form 3 (Real property value statutory declaration). This form requires an explanation of the steps taken to obtain either of these valuations,
  4. Any agreement or contract of sale between the parties, and
  5. Details of the consideration, other than rent reserved, paid or agreed to be paid.

Note: Refer to section 57 evidentiary requirements for any future transfers made pursuant to the lease.