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Sections: s45A

Lodgement category: Transfer to an approved Charity, Government Body or Authority

Sub category: Transfer to a Government Body or Authority


A transfer of dutiable property or a declaration of trust over dutiable property to be held on trust for any of the following:

  • an ambulance service
  • a registered community health centre
  • a denominational hospital
  • a multi-purpose service
  • a public health service
  • a public hospital
  • the Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health established by section 328 of the Mental Health Act 2014. See definitions under s45A(3) of the Duties Act 2000.


  1. The Digital Duties Form.
  2. Documentary evidence to support that the transferee is a health centre or service. 

Lodge 30 days before settlement through Duties Online
Last modified: 13 February 2024
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