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If you receive a tax assessment, reassessment or decision from us that you want to dispute, we offer informal dispute resolution as well as formal processes involving lodging an objection and/or appeal.

We seek to resolve disputes as early as possible and at minimal cost to all parties, ideally through early and informal negotiations and dispute resolution.

We do this by giving you and/or your representatives further opportunities to provide additional information, clarify facts, or meet with us to discuss issues in an effort to clarify, narrow or resolve disputed matters. This process can be initiated by either party and may occur before or during more formal objection and litigation processes.

We endeavour to take a balanced approach to informal dispute resolution. Where it becomes apparent that there are one or more significant areas of disagreement, we are unlikely to continue with this process, particularly if it is likely to lead to increased costs for both parties.

Entering into informal dispute resolution processes does not affect the statutory timeframes applying to your matter. In the event we cannot resolve the dispute informally, it is important that you exercise your statutory rights within the legislative timeframes.

The basis on which we resolve or settle a dispute will depend on the particular facts of the matter and the requirement that we apply the law in a consistent manner to those in similar circumstances.

If you want to discuss informal dispute resolution with us, please contact the officer dealing with your matter.

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Last modified: 21 November 2022
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