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Ref ID Title Related Categories Date
Wat-Sew-Form Apply for a water and sewerage rebate 08/08/2017
Duties-Form-32 Approved agent's duty return Sheep and Goat Compensation Fund 20/02/2013
Duties-Form-31 Cattle compensation fund duty return for approved agents 20/02/2013
GEN-Form-03 Change of contact details 24/08/2017
Duties-Form-51 Change of use motor vehicle notice 24/08/2017
CGL-Form-06 Congestion Levy - Application for registration as an owner or operator of a car park 03/07/2017
CGL-Form-03 Congestion Levy - Application for registration of an operator for a public car park 03/07/2017
CGL-Form-04 Congestion Levy - application for registration of an owner 03/07/2017
CGL-Form-02 Congestion Levy - Change of Details 03/07/2017
CGL-Form-05 Congestion Levy - Concession Claim Form 03/07/2017
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