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As a personal representative of a deceased estate, you must notify us of the completion of the administration of the estate within one month if the estate continues to hold land. 

There may be penalties if you fail to notify us within this time.

To notify us you should lodge our Deceased estate — commencement or completion of administration (LTX-Trust-18) form.

Please refer to the form's explanatory notes for a list of when we consider administration is complete. You should seek legal advice if you are unsure whether you have completed the administration stage.

  1. Gather required information

    The following information is needed to complete the Deceased estate — commencement or completion of administration (LTX-Trust-18) application form (refer to the form for specific instructions):

    • your name and address
    • the name of the deceased estate, date of death and State Revenue Office customer number (if known)
    • date of the completion of administration
    • details of all land held by the deceased estate at completion of administration.
  2. Complete the form

    The form is completed and submitted online.​

    We use all the information in your statement to update our records and may pass on the changes to other government agencies where authorised to do so.

    Complete the form

  3. Lodge your form

     Once you have completed all relevant and mandatory information, select 'submit' to lodge your application. 

Next Steps

Once administration is completed, the estate is treated as a trust and is subject to the land tax trust provisions.

Last modified: 28 November 2023

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