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You can choose to have land tax assessments and related correspondence sent directly to your representative, who can be anyone you nominate, including but not limited to a family member, your accountant or solicitor.

The authorisation must only be signed by the land owner. Please have your State Revenue Office customer number handy to complete the authorisation.

By completing this form, your nominated representative will be able to access and receive all information and correspondence on all land you own. This includes information on your principal place of residence and any other land you own, whether solely, with others or on trust.

  1. Complete the authorisation

    Please complete the online Change of contact details form (GEN Form 03) to authorise your representative to receive all correspondence on your behalf.

    Complete the form

  2. Lodge your authorisation

    This form is completed and lodged online.​

Next Steps

Once we receive the signed authorisation form, your contact details will be updated, and all future correspondence will be sent to your authorised representative.

We use all the information you provide to update our records and may, where we are authorised to do so, pass on the changes to other government agencies.

Last modified: 16 June 2023

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