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This service is available daily between 2am and 10pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Please have your assessment notice and banking details on hand when using the system. AutoPay times out after 10 minutes of inactivity and if this happens, you may need to start again.

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  1. Am I eligible for AutoPay Instalments?

    Autopay Instalments is available to land tax customers and vacant residential land tax customers with assessments from 2019.

    If you have received an assessment for previous land tax years, you are eligible if:

    • Your liability is $100 or more.
    • You are a vacant residential land tax customer.
    • You are a land tax customer who has AutoPay Instalment information displayed on your assessment notice.

    Trust accounts that can only make payments via electronic funds transfer (EFT) or cheque are unable to use AutoPay Instalments.

    AutoPay terms of use

  2. Log in to AutoPay Instalments

    Log in using the customer number and assessment number on your assessment notice.

    Watch a video about how to create AutoPay Instalments

    Create a payment plan using AutoPay Instalments

  3. Choose the duration of your payment plan

    AutoPay Instalments allows land tax customers to pay over 38 weeks and vacant residential land tax customers to pay over 17 weeks.

    Payments can be scheduled:

    • fortnightly,
    • monthly, or
    • in four equal payments.

    The minimum payment amount you can make is $20.

  4. Choose your payment method

    Payments can be made via:

    • direct debit from your bank account,
    • Visa debit or credit card, or
    • Mastercard.

    A card payment fee of 0.54% applies to all credit card and debit card transactions (fees are not charged for other payment methods).

  5. Choose whether to receive reminders before payments are deducted

    You can choose to receive email reminders about scheduled payments. Reminders are emailed three days before each payment is due.

    Create a payment plan using AutoPay Instalments

    Terms of use

    Frequently asked questions

Next Steps

View your payment schedule

Once you have created a payment schedule you can view it by logging in to AutoPay Instalments.

Edit your payment schedule

Once your payment schedule has been set up, payment dates are locked in and cannot be changed. However, up until the ‘pay in full’ date listed on your assessment notice, you can cancel the existing schedule and create a new one.

Cancelling your payment schedule

You can cancel your payment schedule by logging in to AutoPay Instalments and selecting ‘cancel this arrangement’.

Change your contact details

Once you have created a payment schedule you can change your contact details by logging in to AutoPay Instalments and selecting ‘update contact details’.

Your new contact details will only be used for AutoPay Instalment purposes. If you want to change your contact details for other taxes and levies, you need to complete our change of contact details form.

Last modified: 16 February 2021
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