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You should apply for an MPL certificate if the:

  • Estimated cost of your development is greater than $1,029,000, and
  • The development is located in a municipality of metropolitan Melbourne

An MPL certificate is valid for 90 days after the date of issue. If your certificate expires before you make a planning permit application, you will need to submit a new application for an MPL certificate.

Note: if your MPL has expired, or you have already used your certificate to apply for a planning permit, you cannot apply to us for a revision of the original MPL certificate. You must reapply for a new certificate and pay the MPL again.


Gather required information

The following information is needed to complete the Application for Metropolitan Planning Levy (MPL) Certificate, which must be accessed, completed and submitted online:

  • Details of the business/person applying for a planning permit,
  • Address and contact details, including email address,
  • Land details to which the MPL and planning permit application relates,
  • Land owner details, and
  • Estimated cost of your development

Note: please ensure that your email address is correct as we will send your MPL certificate to the email address you provide in your application.


Submit your application

To apply for an MPL certificate, please select the "New certificate" in response to the question "What type of Metropolitan Planning Levy Certificate are you applying for?", and then complete all other relevant and mandatory sections.

Before you submit your application, you must declare that the information you have given is true and complete.

A unique MPL application identifier will be issued after submitting your application, along with our bank account details for EFT payment. You will also be able to download a copy of your completed application for your records.

Next steps

After you have submitted your online application, we will send you an email that asks you to click on a link to verify the email address you provided in your application. To protect your privacy, you must complete this step so that we can email your MPL certificate to you.

Next, you must pay the levy and obtain an MPL certificate from us before you can lodge your planning permit for the proposed development.

If the estimated cost of the development increases after you receive your MPL certificate, but before you apply for your planning permit (and your MPL certificate has not expired), you can apply for a revised MPL certificate and pay us the additional MPL amount.

This additional MPL amount is calculated on the increase in the estimated cost of development.