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Title Date Category
System upgrades from 5.30pm Friday 18 January to 11.45pm Saturday 19 January 2019 18/01/2019
2019 land tax assessments 04/02/2019 Land Tax
IT maintenance between 7pm and 11.45pm on Friday 22 February 2019 21/02/2019 Other
SmartForm maintenance - 8-9pm, Thursday 7 March 2019 26/02/2019
Book your next webinar 27/02/2019
Spotted an error or omission on your land tax assessment? 14/03/2019
System upgrades from 5.30pm Friday 22 March to 11.45pm Saturday 23 March 2019 21/03/2019 Other
April's free webinars now available for registration 25/03/2019
New payment options for land tax clearance certificates 27/03/2019 Land Tax
New all-in-one Duties Refund SmartForm 29/03/2019 Land Transfer Duty
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