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Title Date Category
We're making important changes to our counter service 26/05/2015 Other
State Taxation Acts Amendment Bill 2015 27/05/2015
Learn more about Back to Work with our webinars 10/06/2015 Back to Work
Welcome to our new site 28/06/2015 Other
State taxation legislation update 30/06/2015 Other
Lodge and process all duties transactions online 16/07/2015 Land Transfer Duty
New liquor subsidy guidelines and claim form 14/08/2015 Liquor
Handy app for first-home buyers 24/08/2015 First Home Owner
Latest FHOG quarterly top 10 postcodes – June 2015 03/09/2015 First Home Owner
Response to the land tax decision of the Supreme Court 11/09/2015 Land Tax
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