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Title Date Category
2019 land tax assessments 04/02/2019 Land Tax
2019-20 rates and grants now on the SRO Mobile app 02/07/2019 Other
2019-20 Victorian bushfires - land tax assessments on hold 13/01/2020
2020 congestion levy rates now available 15/11/2019 Car Parks
2020 land tax assessments arriving soon 16/01/2020 Land Tax
Absentee owner notification by 15 January 20/12/2017 Land Tax
Absentee owner surcharge 26/10/2015 Land Tax
Absentee owner surcharge and vacant residential land tax notifications due by 15 January 2020 07/01/2020 Land Tax
Agriculture Victoria review of duty on sale of sheep and goats 27/08/2019 Livestock
All duty lodgements are now going digital 01/12/2015 Land Transfer Duty
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