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Our role

We administer a range of state taxes and duties for the Victorian Government, including payroll tax, land tax, duties and the congestion levy. We also manage rebates, such as the First Home Owner Grant.

As part of our compliance strategy, we investigate breaches of the various provisions of the Acts of Parliament for which we are responsible. Non-compliance is actively pursued, and will include penalties and litigation if appropriate.

We seek to obtain maximum voluntary compliance. Customers are encouraged to make voluntary disclosures when they have not met all of their Victorian tax obligations. These are treated more favourably than non-compliance detected by us.

Customers are also encouraged to report any non-compliance they might have identified or suspect.

Voluntary disclosures and tip-offs

You can complete a form to provide us with information about:

  • Non-compliance in relation to taxes and duties, the First Home Owner Grant or a Back to Work payment
  • Your own non-compliance

Information can be given anonymously, and your anonymity will be maintained. All information is protected by our privacy statement and secrecy provisions.

Submit a voluntary disclosure or tip-off

Contact us

For other enquiries regarding voluntary disclosures and tip-offs, the form and general information, contact us or call (03) 9628 6807.