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An exemption or concession from duty is available for eligible pensioners when they buy a property as their home.

You must meet certain criteria to be an eligible pensioner and receive the exemption or concession. This includes holding an eligible concession card on the date of the transfer.

Eligible concession cards

The eligible concession cards are:

  • Department of Human Services (DHS) Health Care Card, except the Foster Child Health Care Card (FO or FST) and Carer Allowance Health Care Card (CD),
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Health Care Card – Gold Card,
  • DHS Pensioner Concession Card,
  • DVA Pensioner Concession Card,
  • DHS Commonwealth Seniors Health Card,
  • DVA Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

These cards are issued to someone who receives a specific government payment, pension or allowance, including:

  • Age pension,
  • Carers pension,
  • Disability allowance,
  • Disability support pension,
  • Family allowance,
  • Family payment,
  • Low income allowance,
  • Mobility allowance,
  • Newstart,
  • Partner allowance,
  • Parenting payment (single or partnered),
  • Parenting/partner allowance,
  • Sickness allowance,
  • Special benefit,
  • Widow allowance,
  • Wife pension,
  • Widow B pension.

If you receive any of these payments, pensions or allowances, you should also have one of the concession cards needed to claim the pensioner exemption or concession.

Generally, you must be the primary card holder. It is not enough to be listed as a dependent or partner on another person’s concession card. There are some exceptions to this and if you do not hold a card in your own right now you may be able to benefit from the duty exemption or concession on a future transaction. 

More information about approved cards, including images of the cards, is detailed below.

Approved cards

DHS Health Care Card 

Victorian health care card

DHS healthcare cards contain a two or three letter code telling you what type of benefit, allowance or payment it has been issued for. This code is on the front of the card on the last line after the words ‘CARD START’ and the date. The Health Care Card pictured has the letters ‘LI’ because its holder receives a Low Income Allowance.

Holders of the Foster Child Health Care Card, with the code ‘FO’ or FST, and Carer Allowance Health Care Card, with the code ‘CD’ are ineligible for this duty exemption or concession.

Exceptions to the primary card holder rule

In limited circumstances, both the primary cardholder and their partner are considered to be cardholders for the purposes of the duty exemption or concession and are therefore both eligible pensioners.

The most common examples of this are holders of these Health Care Cards:

  • Family Assistance (FA) DHS Health Care Card,
  • Parenting Payment Partnered (PP) DHS Health Care Card.

DVA Health Care Card – Gold Card

Health care card - Gold card

DHS Pensioner Concession Card

DHS Pensioner Concession Card (Front) Pensioner Concession Card (Back)

DVA Pensioner Concession Card

Department of Veterans Affairs Pensioner Concession Card

DHS Commonwealth Seniors Health Card 

DHS Commonwealth Seniors Health CardCommonwealth Seniors Healthcard

DVA Commonwealth Seniors Health Card 

Commonwealth Seniors Health Card