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If you believe that you overpaid duty on your purchase because you did not claim an eligible exemption, concession or reduction at the relevant time, you can apply for a refund up to five years after the date the duty was paid.

How to avoid a refund

To avoid claiming a refund, you should provide the correct application form(s) to your representative (conveyancer or solicitor) at the relevant time so that you pay the eligible concessional/reduced amount of stamp duty.

Stamp duty should be assessed with the concession/exemption rate at the time of lodging your land transfer documents via either Duties Online or as a public lodgement.

Any refund depends on factors including your (and/or your partner/spouse) eligibility, the settlement date and the value of your property at the time.

The most common refunds for overpaid duty and their current declaration/application forms are:

For more details, please refer to information about our refund policy.


Gather required information

Please prepare the following documents:

  • A new and completed declaration or application form for the relevant exemption, concession or reduction and applicable period,
  • A covering letter outlining your reasons for a refund, and
  • Any supporting documents requested in the application form specific to your circumstances

Complete your form or declaration

The application form or declaration can be completed:

  • On screen, printed and signed, or
  • Downloaded, printed, completed and signed

Either way, the form must be signed before it is lodged electronically. Your refund application cannot be lodged manually.

If you are completing this form/declaration by hand, please use block letters in blue or black ballpoint pen.


Start your refund application

To start the process to electronically lodge your refund application, you must register with us to use our online system.

We require a valid email address to approve your registration.

Once approved, you’ll be allocated a reference ID to use for your public lodgement.

To help you register, watch our video in the DOL tutorial library.

Help video

Register a refund lodgement


Resume your refund application

To resume your lodgement, please have your electronic documents easily accessible on your device ready for upload.

When you access our online system to resume your public lodgement, you will need your reference ID.

Please note, before submitting your public lodgement you must:

  • Check the accuracy of data you have provided and the documents you have uploaded, and
  • Ensure the correct bank account details of the transferee/purchaser of the property have been provided

Resume refund lodgement

Next steps

If we require more information, we will contact you.

If you are entitled to a refund, we will first apply the refund amount to offset any tax debt you have with us. Any remaining refund is then paid directly into the nominated bank account.

If we deny your refund request, you will be advised of our reason in writing.

Please allow up to 60 days for a decision on your request.